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Below are the policies of Snuggle Bug Pet Sitting.  Please review each section carefully.  Hiring Snuggle Bug Pet Sitting for pet sitting services means you agree to abide by its policies. Snuggle Bug Pet Sitting reserves the right to accept or deny any request and to discontinue pet sitting services to any client at will.  



Two (2) keys are strongly recommended for all clients.  This is so one key can be kept on me and the other can be kept at my home office in case the first gets misplaced.  However, if you can only provide one (1) key, that is acceptable.  Your key(s) will be returned to you at no charge after you return home unless you give me permission to keep them for future visits.



Payments are due in full prior to your departure.  Your dates will not be secured until after payment is received.  

Accepted forms of payment are debit/credit cards or check. Make checks payable to Julissa Bonds.

Established clients will receive an emailed invoice from which they can pay.

New clients will have the option to pay their first bill upfront at the conclusion of their Meet and Greet or online via their emailed invoice. 

Payments WILL NOT be refunded if your pet bites and/or attacks me or my backup sitter. Our contract will be rendered void and care for pets will cease immediately. 



Meet & Greets are free, no-obligation visits for first-time clients that allow me to meet you and your pets to ensure we all get along. Requests for same-day, next-day, or last-minute Meet and Greets will be rejected. 



If you need to cancel your booking, please do so as soon as possible in order to be eligible for a refund.  You have until one (1) day prior to the start of my first visit to cancel in order to receive a full refund.  If you cancel after this deadline, you forfeit your payment.      



Safety is my number one priority.  Therefore, if the weather prevents me from traveling to your home, I will not visit your pets.  If I must cancel, I will contact you to let you know.  With this in mind, please have an alternate person on standby who would be able to visit your pets in case this occurs.  You will not be financially responsible for visits I cancel.  You can either request to be refunded or credited for a future visit.  Inclement weather includes, but is not limited to, heavy rain & wind, snow, ice, hurricane and/or tornado watches & warnings, freezing temperatures, and dangerously hot temperatures (high heat indexes).  



If your pet requires medication of any kind, please leave detailed instructions on administration, dosage, frequency, and anything else I should know.  You are also responsible for contacting your veterinarian to inform them that I- as your pet sitter- am administering medication to your pets on your behalf and am authorized to pick up medication if I run out.  Fees may apply for administering certain medications. 



It is strongly recommended that you provide me with proof that your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations, particularly for rabies.  Please send proof of vaccinations to my email:  Your information will not be shared or distributed in any way.  



My husband, Robert, frequently acts as my backup sitter.  He has experience with both dogs and cats and assists me mostly when I have clients with multiple pets.  He has pet-sat before and has recommendations from past clients. Prior to any visit in which I require his assistance, Robert is informed of the number of pets we will visit, their names, their routines, and any other relevant information. 



If your home is armed with a security system, it is your responsibility to contact your home security company and inform them of the dates I will be visiting your home to pet sit.  You are responsible for any fees your security company may charge you for dispatching police to your home if the codes you provide me do not work or if they are unable to verify my identity because you failed to notify them of my visits.  You agree to provide me with the necessary codes to enter/exit your home safely.  These codes will not be distributed to anyone other than my backup pet sitter only in the event he must visit your pets on my behalf.  Otherwise, I am the only person who will have your security codes.  After I complete my final visit, your security codes will be permanently destroyed.  



I do not schedule specific appointment times to visit your pets.  Please let me know if there is a specific time of the day you prefer me to visit your pets.  Otherwise, you agree to allow me to use my own discretion when planning my visits.    


Approved by: Julissa Bonds, Owner


updated: May 2021